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  Are Woven Polypropylene Bags Waterproof?
Enviado por: vite115200 - Hace 5 horas - Foro: Comunicados Oficiales - Sin respuestas

Are pp woven bags waterproof? As far as the woven bag itself is concerned, because the woven bag is made of warp and weft tapes, there is only overlap between the tapes, which does not have sealing property. Therefore, the liquid will be left through the gap between the tapes, so the woven bag itself is not waterproof.

However, due to the special requirements of chemical industry, cement, chemical fertilizer, sugar and other industries for packaging, a considerable number of plastic woven bags must have the function of waterproof and sealing. At present, there are mainly two types of waterproof and sealed woven bags produced and applied in the market: one is the ordinary separate combined packaging bag with outer woven bag and inside liner inserted or stitched bag. The other is the composite woven bag coated with a layer of plastic film on the PP woven cloth, which will include two types also, either polypropylene coated woven bag or pp woven laminated bag.

The production equipment and process of the first kind of separated inner lining membrane woven bag are relatively simple, the equipment investment is low, and the application is very wide. The inner and outer bags are separated. The inner bag is blown film bag, which can be divided into LDPE and HDPE. The outer bag is ordinary PP woven bag, and the length and width of the inner bag are slightly larger than the outer bag. When loading materials, the inner and outer bags are uneven and easy to be damaged. In the early years, the inner and outer bags of the inner lining membrane bag and the outer bag need to be set together manually, and the inner and outer bags at the mouth of the bag need to be aligned and sewed, so the production efficiency is low, the waste of manpower is large, and the continuous and efficient production cannot be carried out. A skilled operator can only complete about 1000 bags by hand every day, and only about 300 bags can be sewn by hinge sewing machine every day. Nowadays, with the improvement of all-in-one machine, there are many machinery manufacturers in China that can produce all-in-one machines for bag cutting, sewing and lining. The technology has been widely used and tends to be mature, greatly improving the production efficiency.

    Another kind of Coated plastic woven bag production must go through the coating process, using the extrusion coating machine to coat a layer of plastic film with a thickness of about 0.02 ~ 0.04mm on the outside of the woven pp cloth. Or at the same time, to use the coating material as the bonding medium, and then composite a layer of BOPP film on the surface, can achieve better waterproof effect, it was named BOPP pp woven laminated bag. When doing coating, the temperature of the extruded film is about 300 ℃, and the newly extruded film is combined with the braid by a pair of cooling rollers. However, such high temperature reduces the strength of the cloth surface, reduces the elasticity, increases the brittleness of the bag surface, and makes the bag easier to be damaged in the falling tests.


    Valve bags are packaging bags filled by machines. They come in plastic or paper. Here at Western Packaging, we are a wholesale manufacturer who offers the paper version, with many options. The three main things to consider are size, closure type, and coatings.


    Paper valve bags come in a large range of sizes. We offer small to very large paper valve bags and multiple sizes in between. It is important to verify which sizes your valve bag machine handles.


    Once the size is determined, the type of closure is determined. All valve bags are automatically closed. The specific method of how this closing happens falls into three categories.


    The first and most common is self-sealing. These valve bags use the pressure of the contents to close and seal the bag.


    Alternatively, some bags can be sealed by heat. This may be a better option for the product and requires a machine and set up capable of this method.


    The third type of closure is much less common. Bags can be sealed ultrasonically. These valve bags are only used in very specific and limited industries. They require clean and sterile environments and very special machinery.


    Once the size and type of closure are decided, coatings in and on the bags is decided. The options are extensive. Western Packaging offers all the most common, and some uncommon, coatings available. The specific coating(s) depends on the product and the package’s method of storage, shipment, and display.

    There is a large variety of coatings available. The coating options vary based on if the coating is going to be placed on the inside or outside of the bag. Some products may benefit from a coating on both.


    The inside coating is most important when the product contained in the bag is food or non-food products. In these situations, a food-safe coating must be applied to the inside of the bag. This coating helps ensure the contents remain safe for consumption, and also maintains the freshness. Interior coatings also help minimize moisture entering the product and/or keep the product from seeping out. These are very important features for many products.

    Some outside coatings provide the same or similar benefits. Coatings can be applied to block moisture, block contamination of the interior from the outside, or make the bag easier to handle. While protection of the contents of the packaging is most important, ease of storage is also important. Outside coatings can be used to minimize friction when bags rub together and therefore help to minimize bag damage and loss of product. A simple coating can also help the filled bag maintain its shape.


    Valve bagging is when a bag is filled using a specialized machine. The machine uses a spout placed in or near the opening of the bag. A measured amount is placed in each bag. This can be done in a fully automated or semi-automated manner. This ensures consistency in quantity and minimizes lost product.

    The benefits of these machines are numerous and span multiple industries. The biggest benefit is the volume of bags that can be filled and closed per hour. The output is significantly higher than if done by an employee. This increase in output translates to higher profit by filling orders more quickly. Businesses converting to this method often find the cost of the machine is quickly covered and a return on investment is recognized very soon.

    Plastic, Paper or Cotton: Which Shopping Bag is Best?

    Plastic bags

    Plastic bags were invented in 1967, but only became widely used in stores in the 1970s. The most commonly found thin plastic shopping bag given out at cash registers are usually made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), but some are made of low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE).

    The energy embodied in plastic bags comes initially from the mining of the raw materials needed to make them—natural gas and petroleum—whose extraction requires a lot of energy. The raw materials must then be refined, which requires yet more energy. Once at a processing facility, the raw materials are treated and undergo polymerization to create the building blocks of plastic. These tiny granules of polyethylene resin can be mixed with recycled polyethylene chips. They are then transported by truck, train or ship to facilities where, under high heat, an extruder shapes the plastic into a thin film. The film is flattened, then cut into pieces. Next, it is sent to manufacturers to be made into bags. The plastic bags are then packaged and transported around the world to vendors. While polyethylene can be reprocessed and used to make new plastic bags, most plastic bags are only used once or twice before they end up being incinerated or discarded in landfills. The Wall Street Journal estimated that Americans use and dispose of 100 billion plastic bags each year; and the EPA found that less than five percent are recycled.

    A 2014 study done for the Progressive Bag Alliance, which represents the U.S. plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry, compared grocery bags made from polyethylene (HDPE), compostable plastic, and paper with 30 percent recycled fibers. It found that the HDPE bags ultimately used less fuel and water, and produced less greenhouse gas gases, acid rain emissions, and solid waste than the other two. The study, which did not consider litter, was peer-reviewed by Michael Overcash, then a professor of chemical engineering at North Carolina State University. Because the carrying capacity of a plastic and a paper bag are not the same, the study used the carrying capacity of 1,000 paper bags as its baseline and compared their impacts to the impacts of 1,500 plastic bags. The plastic bags used 14.9kg of fossil fuels for manufacturing compared to 23.2kg for paper bags. Plastic bags produced 7kg of municipal solid waste compared to 33.9kg for paper, and greenhouse gas emissions were equivalent to 0.04 tons of CO2 compared to paper’s 0.08 tons. Plastic bags used 58 gallons of fresh water, while paper used 1,004 gallons. Energy use totaled 763 megajoules for plastic, and 2,622 megajoules for paper.

    Sulfur dioxide, a type of sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide emitted from coal-fired power plants that produce the energy for processing bags contribute to acid rain. The plastic bag produced 50.5 grams of sulfur oxides compared to 579 grams for the paper bag; and 45.4 grams of nitrogen oxides, compared to 264 grams for paper.

    A 2011 U.K. study compared bags made of HDPE, LDPE, non-woven polypropylene, a biopolymer made from a starch polyester, paper and cotton. It assessed the impacts in nine categories: global warming potential, depletion of resources such as fossil fuels, acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, fresh water toxicity, marine toxicity, terrestrial toxicity and smog creation. It found that HDPE bags had the lowest environmental impacts of the lightweight bags in eight of the nine categories because it was the lightest bag of the group.

    Paper bags

    Paper bags are made from a renewable resource and are biodegradable. In the U.S., over 10 billion paper bags are consumed each year, requiring the felling of 14 million trees.

    Once the trees are cut down, the logs are moved to a mill where they can wait up to three years until they dry out. Once ready, bark is stripped off and the wood is chipped into one-inch cubes that are subjected to high heat and pressure. They are then mixed with limestone and sulfurous acid until the combination becomes pulp. The pulp is washed with fresh water and bleach then pressed into paper, which is cut, printed, packaged and shipped. As a result of the heavy use of toxic chemicals in the process, paper is responsible for 70 times more air pollution and 50 times more water pollution than plastic bag production according to a Washington Post analysis, resulting in more toxicity to humans and the environment than HDPE bags. And while 66 percent of paper and paperboard are recycled, the recycling process requires additional chemicals to remove the ink and return the paper to pulp, which can add to paper’s environmental impact.

    Cotton totes

    Cotton bags are made from a renewable resource and are biodegradable. They are also strong and durable so they can be reused multiple times.

    Cotton first needs to be harvested, then cotton bolls go through the ginning process, which separates the cotton from stems and leaves. Only 33 percent of the harvested cotton is usable. The cotton is then baled and shipped to cotton mills to be fluffed up, cleaned, flattened and spun. The cotton threads are woven into fabric, which then undergoes a chemical washing process and bleaching, after which it can also be dyed and printed. Spinning, weaving and other manufacturing processes are energy intensive. Washing, bleaching, dyeing, printing and other processes use large amounts of water and electricity.


  Problema con los estadios del parche
Enviado por: Suco - 24-09-2021, 11:18 - Foro: Descarga y Soporte del PES 6 Titans Patch - Sin respuestas

Buenas, no sabia bien bien donde publicar este tema, espero que publicarlo en esta sección sea lo adecuado, instalé los estadios del titans patch descomprimiendo el rar de estos en la carpeta del parche, donde está el exe, y dándole sí a todo, y luego en el juego hay muy pocos y solo uno tiene la foto de previa que sale cuando eliges las equipaciones, balón y todo eso, he hecho algo mal o es así? gracias, saludos.


  Launcher versión 5.0
Enviado por: Admin - 17-09-2021, 10:11 - Foro: Comunicados Oficiales - Sin respuestas

En construcción


  mi amigo puso mal el correo
Enviado por: peregol - 07-09-2021, 05:38 - Foro: Soporte Técnico - Sin respuestas

Mi amigo intento crearse la cuenta y puso mal el correo y ahora no le llega


  "Hubo un error en la verificacion"
Enviado por: Facundo1 - 03-09-2021, 23:17 - Foro: Soporte Técnico - Respuestas (2)

Hola mi problema es que tengo el host del server instalado, me cree mi cuenta , la active, todo. cuando voy a loguearme en el online poniendo (usuario-contraseña) respetando mayusculas y numeros, me sale el error " hubo un error en la verificacion" llevo 30 minutos intentando solucionarlo y no me deja ingresar, probe haciendome otra cuenta con otro email y me salia el mismo error


Enviado por: fr4annn - 02-09-2021, 02:27 - Foro: Soporte Técnico - Sin respuestas

Cuando instalo el pes me salta este cartel y no me lo instala correctamente, por favor si alguien sabe necesito de su ayuda

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  EN CURSO | XI Edición - Copa Castolo
Enviado por: Mitocondria - 31-08-2021, 20:00 - Foro: Copa Castolo - Respuestas (6)


⚽️ Requisitos y normas:

-Por defecto las que rigen las competiciones PES6.ES. 

-Jugadores europeos.

⚽️ Formato:

-Eliminatorias a doble partido.

-Sin goles dobles fuera, en caso de empate se juega partido de desempate.

-Final a partido único a 15 minutos. 

-Sorteo puro de todo el cuadro desde el principio para determinar emparejamientos.

-No hay límite de participantes (hasta cubrir los equipos elegibles si se diera el caso).

⚽️ Modo de juego:

-Partidos a 10 minutos, 9 pausas, condición predefinida, 3 cambios, tiempo despejado.

-Prórroga y penaltis en caso de jugar tercer partido.


31/08 Sorteo Copa Castolo
01/09-06/09 Ronda previa
07/09-12/09 1/16
13/09-18/09 1/8
19/09-24/09 1/4
25/09-30/09 1/2
01/10-06/10 Final y Tercer puesto


Sport European Master League Temporada 1
Enviado por: JuuGoon - 31-08-2021, 16:16 - Foro: Otras Competiciones - Respuestas (3)

Empezamos a darle forma a este proyecto, para dudas, consultas o sugerencias postear en el hilo o hablarme al telegram @Hace_Amigos

Las normas serán las siguietes 

·        Por temas de conexión solo se permitiran jugadores que jueguen desde una conexión ubucada en europa
·        Los jugadores con estadisticas muy altas serán baneados, Messi, Mbappe, etc
·      Será una liga con fichajes (con clausulas de rescision y sueldos), los equipos serán permanentes, incluso con los cambios de parche, a la modificacion de cada parche los jugadores baneados se modificaran. Si un manager pierde a un jugador podrá elegir un jugador libre.
·        Serán, como mínimo, dos ligas de 8 participantes, Champions, Uefa y Copa Ko
·        Jugadores
·        Jugadores
·        Se jugará condición al azar, 10 minutos, 5 cambios y sin lesiones.
·        Los check-in serán mas dilatados en el tiempo para dar tiempo a todos a jugar sin presiones. Queremos jugar con tranquilidad, no estar pendientes de posibles expulsiones.
·        En cuánto al centro del triple O, el CUT (general) y el pase atrás se votara en cada temporada agrupando estos tres conceptos como permitidos o no. Lo ideal es tomar una decisión conjunta, pero adelanto que jugar con esto prohibido le da un toque real a la liga eliminando el concepto arcade del juego
·        Se escuchan todo tipo de sugerencias, la administracion la gestionare yo, pero no soy de imponer nada. Si yo como administrador pongo una regla y la mayoria la tumba, se tumba. La liga es de todos. Habrá un grupo tanto de Telegram, como en el foro para dichas votaciones. 
·        Se gestionara una página de Facebook, Twitter e Instagram con el fin de darle más visibilidad a la liga. También se hará un canal de Twicht para grabar algunos partidos. La idea es que en un futuro seamos los máximos posibles.

Se abren las PREINSCRIPCIONES. Dichas preinscripciones no son de obligatorio cumplimiento, pero de momento estamos valorando 

La liga se gestionara si o si aunque seamos pocos. Ya hay 8 inscriptos. Al final de cada temporada se podrá ampliar el cupo a nuevos manager interesados.

Para anotarse en este hilo.

Cualquier duda tambien aqui.

Preinscritos (Pendiente de confirmación)

1- JuuGoon
2- Ztdvss
3- Entroysalgo
4- Elnando12
5- Reca98
6- Fermola
7- Driifs
8- mickeyMRZ
9- Subordinadasustantiva
10- toni92a
11- dicarded5
12- Alvaro08


  Error en Modo Liga
Enviado por: Stefano008 - 22-08-2021, 01:25 - Foro: Soporte Técnico - Sin respuestas

Hola, como están, quiero saber si hay otra persona que le pasa cuando esta por empezar un partido en modo liga en la Serie A, y salen los equipos así y cuando hago el pase para empezar el partido se crashea.

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Exclamación [Comité de competición] Uso del cutback en torneos del servidor.
Enviado por: santako11 - 18-08-2021, 18:00 - Foro: Comunicados Oficiales - Sin respuestas

Queda terminantemente prohibido el uso del cutback en cualquier torneo bajo las normas del servidor

¿Qué es el llamado "Cutback" ?

Es decir el cutback se produce cuando se da un pase raso, bien hacia atrás o al costado, y el jugador que recibe el pase, sin estar en movimiento, dispara inmediatamente el balón en un ángulo de 90º, dejando paralizada la defensa rival. Una gran mayoría de los disparos termina en gol, siendo un disparo casi imposible para el portero.

¿Que hacer en caso de supuestamente recibir un gol de "Cutback".

1. En el caso de recibir un gol de "Cutback" deben grabar el gol para luego sea juzgado por el comité de competición. Una vez lo haya visto el comité, decidirá si es Cutback o no. El partido podrá cambiar de resultado en función de la determinación del comité. (Si no hay video del gol NO será valida la denuncia).

2. En caso de que durante un partido se haga un "Cutback", los 2 jugadores podrán llegar a un acuerdo y anular el gol, para evitar tener que realizar todo el procedimiento. (Ejemplo: Si van 0-0 y hay un gol de "cutback". El jugador que hace el "cutback" se mete gol en propia en la siguiente jugada, sin perder tiempo).

NOTA ACLARATORIA: se persigue la prohibición del Cutback que se realice de forma DELIBERADA, esto es, como resultado de una jugada en la que se busque de forma voluntaria realizar el tiro.

No se considerará sancionable en aquellos supuestos en que el tiro cutback resulte de manera fortuita, tras rechace de portero o defensor; dicho con otras palabras, en situaciones donde “queda guardada” la pulsación de chut y realiza el disparo involuntariamente. Tampoco se sancionará en casos donde la portería esté clamorosamente vacía y el jugador que realiza el chut carece de oposición al disparo.

Videos aclaratorios del movimiento: