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fifa -> pes6 converter
Greetings pes6 lovers!

Im here to help your converter get improved and discuss together how this could be done.

gonna start with GK calculations
Position: GK

Attack: 30 always
Defence: GK Positioning, GK Diving
(GK Positioning mostly and GK Diving to help players with lower GK positioning in fifa)
Balance: Strength, GK Positioning, Weight 
(Strength in fifa for GKs is too low so we need some stats related to have better results, Balance in PES helps GK to catch high balls so its good to use GK Positioning. Also if you check each pes6 player they have balance almost similar to their Body Weight)
Stamina: Stamina
Top Speed: Sprint Speed
Acceleration: Acceleration
Response: GK Reflexes

Agility: [b]GK Diving, Agility[/b]
(In PES6, you can see GK agility up to 87, in fifa something similar is only GK Diving, but we have to use also the Agility value to avoid results over 87.
Dribble Accuracy: Dribbling, Ball Control
Dribble Speed: Dribbling, Sprint Speed
Short Pass Accuracy: Short Passing
Short Pass Speed: Short Passing, Shot Power, GK Kicking
Long Pass Accuracy: Long Passing, Crossing, GK Kicking
Long Pass Speed: Crossing, Shot Power, GK Kicking
Shot Accuracy: 45 always
Shot Power: GK Kicking
Shot Technique: 45 always
Free Kick Accuracy: FK Accuracy
Curling: Curve (most times its just 45)
Header: Heading Accuracy (most times its just 55)
Jump: Jumping, GK Diving
(We need Jumping values higher than fifa usual fifa jumping for GKs, so using GK diving can give results we want)
Technique: Ball Control
Aggression: Reactions, Positioning

(Thats a dificult stat to have clear opinion, i use Reactions and Positioning and have reasonable results)
Mentality: Reactions, Composure
(There is no a specific fifa value for this, we need values related with Mental attributes)

Keeper Skills: GK Handling, GK Diving
(Handling is definitely the value we need plus GK diving to have better results)
Teamwork: Composure, Reactions
(Usualy in PES6 the higher TW means that those GKs keep the ball possession with Defencive line under pressure, more comfort to use the ball on feet)

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