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[USUARIOS BANEADOS] Recuerda las normas de
Exclamación RESPECT Exclamación

The fundamental basis of group life is respect.

To respect oneself, first you have to respect others. Any disrespect that is detected within the server between players will take the sanctioning measures deemed appropriate depending on the severity.

Exclamación CHEATERS Exclamación

Nobody likes cheats, so it goes against the rules.

You can cheat, among other ways, by using external tools or abusing in the game.

The traps in the game are not fair and harm the experience of the players you face.

The web automatically warns players with a yellow card to obtain a percentage of disconnections above average.

If the percentage of DISCONNECTIONS continues to rise, the system sends a red card to that user, which causes the player to ban, and cannot access the server.

If any player is BANENED, contact the staff in this post and assess the case.


Players who do not finish the competitions organized in may receive penalties, yellow warning cards or red suspension cards.

If multiple accounts are created to play with the same IP it is a reason for permanent banning of all accounts!

Click here to see users with warnings (Yellow Card) or banned users (Red Card).


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